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Helping Homeowners nationwide get the most out of their property.

No matter the circumstance, Flip Assist puts you in better control of your property and the outcome. If you are just in need of upgrades to sell at a higher value, or in need of major repairs to get out of any financial circumstances, Flip Assist can help you get the most money out of your property no matter the situation.

Maybe This Will Help Answer Some Of Your Questions!

  • What Do I Need?

    You Might Be Surprised...

    All you need to do is have equity in your home. Call Flip Assist for a Free consultation to begin the process. If there is enough equity in your home to finance the project and get paid back plus a return on investment fee, plus you walk away with money, then that’s it!

  • How Does Flip Assist Work?

    For You

    Flip Assist wants to help you never sell to an investor low. Investors are just going to low ball you so that they can turn around and do the same thing, so why don't you do it yourself ? We are simply a company that gives you the resources including funding to Flip your home and get the most money out of your property that you can. You simply use the equity in your home. That's it!

    We have 2 ways we can help, both just using your homes equity.

    Flip Assist Pro and Flip Assist Hard Money Lending both easy to qualify for and both only use your home's equity potential. See above for program specifics.

  • Is My Homes Potential Equity The Only Way To Qualify?

    Well, not exactly.

    Flip Assist commits to keeping costs as low as possible for you to get the project done, with no out of pocket expenses. The bottom line is we want to help our clients come up with a solution to any Real Estate problems. So if you call and have a Free consultation and there's not enough equity in the home we will work hard to help discover solutions, and if at the end your only option is to sell to a “street sign investor” or “we buy houses investor” we will give you a cash offer to compete.

  • Why Not Just Sell For Cash To An Investor?

    Here's What They Don't Tell You.

    Street Sign Investors, those that advertise street signs that say “we buy houses in any condition” are misleading. What the sign should really say is that we give you cash “offers” to buy your home in any condition. They will attempt to convince you that you need to sell at their low ball offer because it needs so much work or the home was in worse condition then they first realized. Trust us, there are so many investor seminars that teach ways to get properties way below market value.

    With that being said, Flip Assist gives you the resources needed to get your property in condition to make a profit or possibly a higher profit. Each case is unique. Even if you do not want to deal with the headache, and stress of hiring and managing projects, we will do it for you!

  • What If I'm In Foreclosure?

    Thats okay!

    Our team of professionals can handle communicating with the bank on your behalf and try to negotiate a plan. In most cases we are able to get projects completed and sold before foreclosure takes place and our clients still walk away with profit. We even have custom solutions that will fit to help you make your mortgage payments until the home is sold.

  • Do I need Good Credit, or to be currently employed to qualify?

    Not Necessarily.

    We understand that people fall on hard times, or whatever your circumstances may be, we are here to help. No Credit, No Job, No Problem! This is why we work off the equity and potential equity in the home. It is your home, and your equity you should be able to let it work for you without having to qualify. This is why Flip Assist may be the better option if your considering a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) Refinance, Credit Cards, or Personal Loans.

  • How Does Flip Assist compare to Refinance?

    We're Quicker, Easier, & More.

    Well we do not know everyone's circumstances and every situation is unique and a Refinance may be a good option for you. Some Cash Out Refinance or a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) may both require you to meet a certain credit score minimum and underwriting may find some discrepancies in your credit report. Both may also require proof of employment and income. You would also have to check with your current mortgage company to see if they offer HELOC’s some may not, and most only let you take out a percentage of your equity, not all of it. Both may also require an appraisal to determine the value and equity in your property. Appraisal values may vary depending on the homes current condition.

  • Why should letting it go into Foreclosure not be an option?

    You Have Options That Can Make You Money.

    If you go into Foreclosure you will have and show a Foreclosure on your credit report. Making it very difficult to use your credit to purchase another home in the near future. Our professionals can help you get the property fixed, repaired or remodeled, and sold most of the time before it goes into Foreclosure. Our team can help talk to your lender and most of the time work out some extensions to help give you some time to get the property sold. Plus, is a worse case scenario Flip Assist may be able to make you an offer to avoid Foreclosure if all else fails, and you may be able to walk away with a little money.

  • Do I have to vacate the property or can I stay?

    Every Situation Can Be Different.

    Obviously we prefer the property to be vacant so that we do not intrude on you way of life. However we understand that most people can not afford to move out until the property is sold. We can work together to make sure that we keep everyone happy. As long as you understand that we are trying to meet a deadline and that may require some sacrifices to be made in order to make sure that we make you more money.

  • How long do you allow for the entire process to be completed?

    Well, That Depends...

    Every market is different, and we do not know the condition of the home. But we always try to hit a time frame of no more than 6 months.

Discretions & Disclosures

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    Flip Assist is a private hard money lender certain rules and regulations apply. Flip Assist has no affiliation with any corporate banking or financial institutions any other concerns regarding contracts should be consulted with your private attorney.

    Flip Assist is not a hard money lender to investors or any one third party looking to use Flip Assist to fund or flip houses independently. Potential Clients must meet some basic criteria mainly being the primary home owner.

    Flip Assist is designed to provide homeowners the resources needed to repair or remodel their own homes in order to sell for more money.

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