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All you need is equity in your home. Flip Assist will evaluate the homes condition and potential value to let you know what you should be getting for your home.


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Once we've completed the evaluation process, we release the funds to get your Flip Assist project started.

You're well on your way to raising your home equity in a matter of weeks before you sell.


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The home improvement projects are completed and your home is ready for a top dollar sale. Most Flip Assists Clients increase their profits over 30%!

Flip Assist Past Clients.

Flip Assist made the owner $90,000 more than selling as is

Flip Assist made the owner $29,000 more than selling as is

Flip Assist made the owner $70,000 more than selling as is

Flip Assist Options

A plan for every unique circumstance.

Flip Assist

Standard Fee

  • Full Project Financing
  • You Select Contractors*
  • You Manage Project

Flip Assist Pro

Standard Fee
+Project Management Fee

  • Full Project Financing
  • Flip Assist Pro Selects Qualified Contractors
  • Flip Assist Manages All Projects Untill Completion

*Contractors must be in compliance with Flip Assist requirements. Contractors must be licensed & insured in the state of the project.

Need A Few Quick Upgrades? Or A Full Remodel?

Flip Assist Can Help.


  • Richie presented a real estate investment opportunity that was not overhyped. I could tell he cared and wasn't just trying to get a deal. Richie and Hannah worked very hard at making sure the property flip was done with great care, from beginning to the end. Richie was a great communicator through the whole process. Fair and honorable and it was a pleasure doing business with Flip Assist. I am looking forward to our next deal! Larry Pribble - Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Richie helped me purchase my 1st investment property. He met my budget goal of pricing to purchase & monthly income return. Being new to real estate investment, I contracted others to handle my repairs needed in order for Richie to take over managing my rental property. Once I contacted Richie about all repairs completed he took full ownership. My property didn't rent out fast enough so he investigated why and called me to explain why. He then gave me other options to consider instead of my one train thought due to being a first time landlord. I allowed Richie to do whatever needed and Richie had property rented within the following week. Richie also invited me to see a property that was severely damaged and how Nuvill updated and repaired it. Richie showed me prior pictures and allowed me to walk through house as he explained prior damages including why Nuvill chose to remodel to its new appearance. Richie is very experienced and fully understands the Real-Estate market. After purchasing my first rental property through Richie, I found he is one of my best Investment Counselors. I've now learned to relax and let Richie take control of my investment. THANKS RICHIE! For All Your Help!!! Thomas Brenner - Colorado Springs CO.

  • My experience with Richie and the Nuvill team went seamlessly. Through a real estate investment, he doubled my return in only 30 days. I highly recommend them and look forward to the next opportunity! Chris Broughton - Colorado Springs CO.

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